Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Strawberry Pie With Chocolate Drizzle

Normally the last week of the month is recipe week, but with strawberry season in full swing I couldn't wait to post this mouth watering creation!

What You Need:
1 frozen pie shell
2 vanilla pudding cups
1 pkg strawberry glaze (usually found with the fresh fruit in the grocery store)
4 to 5 cups fresh, sliced strawberries
1/4 to 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

Bake the empty pie shell according to the directions on the box.  If you want to make a pie shell from scratch visit "A Plethora Of Pie" for a never-fail pastry recipe.  Cool the shell completely.

When the pie shell is cooled, spread the vanilla pudding cups over the bottom of the baked pie shell.

Follow the instructions on the strawberry glaze package to make the glaze.  Mix the sliced strawberries into the glaze and heap them into the pie shell on top of the vanilla pudding.

Melt the chocolate chips on VERY low heat.  Pour the melted chocolate into a small zip lock bag.  Squish all the chocolate into one corner of the bag, then cut a small bit of the corner of the bag off.  Drizzle the chocolate over top of the pie.

Chill for two or three hours before serving.



Diane Henders said...

YUM!!! Now I'm envying your yummy Manitoba strawberries... and I want pie.

Carol Henders said...

Sadly I can't pack a basket of strawberries in my suitcase when I head home, so I'm pigging out now while I have the chance!!