About Carol

Looking for someone with all the answers? Someone who never questions her faith? Someone who has the perfect life figured out and knows exactly who she is and where she’s going? That’s NOT Carol!

For the last eleven years Carol has worked as a sales representative in the corporate world of medical sales. She's also spent time involved in pastoral care, administration and the prayer shawl ministry at Southwood United Church in Calgary. During this time she’s always wondered what she wanted to do when she “grew up”. Over the last year, that question has changed from, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” to “What does God want me to do in his service now that I am grown up?”

The answer led her to be mentored by Christian author and speaker, Shannon Ethridge, and has developed into a ministry in writing, speaking and blogging. In this ministry Carol freely shares her experiences of low self-esteem and being bullied as a teenager. She talks about experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and loneliness as an adult. She experienced the pain of loss at 15 when her mother died and has been exposed to domestic violence when a close friend was strangled. Carol knows the devastation of divorce, and the slippery slope that leads to marital infidelity. She's familiar with the frustrations and rewards of being a step-mother. Through God's grace she is now happily married to a wonderful man who shares her Christian faith.

Carol knows first hand what it’s like to experience God’s forgiving mercy and grace. She loves God who has redeemed her life and is passionate about sharing the wonderful message of His mercy and grace with other women.

Speaking Topics…
Finding God’s Forgiveness, Love and Grace
Safe-guarding Your Marriage - The Slippery Slope to Infidelity
Healing Your Brokenness
Devotions & Lessons from the Bible

Weekend Retreat Curriculum...
Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness

NOTE: These topics are updated periodically. If there’s a specific topic you’re interested in please contact Carol by email.