Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Haunted By The Past

Are you haunted by a past you wish you could forget?

Ashamed about something you’ve done and can’t undo? 

Wondering if you’re a terrible person; afraid people will “disown” you if they find out about your “secret”?

This might come as a surprise to you, but you’re not alone!  People everywhere mentally flog themselves for mistakes they’ve made; wishing they could go back in time and re-write history.

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol
What secret haunts you?
  • An affair
  • Abortion
  • Pornography
  • Addiction
  • Teen pregnancy
  • A promiscuous past
  • Stealing
  • Lousy parenting

Go ahead, name the shackle that binds you as a slave to guilt, shame, and anxiety.

Now read Jeremiah 31:18-20

“I have heard Israel saying, ‘You disciplined me severely, like a calf that needs training for the yoke.  Turn me again to you and restore me, for you alone are the Lord my God.  I turned away from God, but then I was sorry.  I kicked myself for my stupidity!  I was thoroughly ashamed of all I did in my younger days.  Is not Israel still my son, my darling child?’ says the Lord.  ‘I often have to punish him, but I still love him.  That’s why I long for him and surely will have mercy on him.’”  (NLT)

Been there.  I’ve kicked myself many times for my stupidity, and there are a number of things in my past for which I’ve carried the heavy burdens of shame and guilt.

But this scripture tells you, regardless of your past, you’re still God’s “darling child” and He loves you and longs for you to return to Him so He can shower His mercy on you.

It’s easy to feel like you’re the only person in the world struggling with the secret you bear.  It’s easy to convince yourself you’re a horrible person. 
But, I guarantee, you’re neither of these things.  There are other people out there hiding behind smiling masks, carrying similar fears.

I speak from personal experience.   Staying loaded down with guilt and shame is no way to live.  We’re meant to live in freedom, not slavery. 
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Finding that freedom is what birthed this ministry, “Living Day By Day In God’s Grace”.  Having found the freedom grace offers, I never want to go back to bondage!

Bring your secret to God, confess it, and accept the mercy He longs to give.

What part of your past do you need to bring to God today?


Lori Beaton said...

Thanks for this one, Carol!!!

Carol Henders said...

Thanks for reading, Lori. I appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

A great blog Carol. I understand that Peace you had. Have a great weekend and see you Monday.