Monday, December 31, 2012

Keeping Christ In 2013

“And so this is Christmas.  And what have you done.  Another year over.  And a new one just begun…”  John Lennon – “So This is Christmas” lyrics.

It’s December 31, 2012.  These lyrics play in my head as I sit contemplating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

I’ve “put away” Christmas for another year.  The tree was undecorated on the weekend and hauled off to the recycle centre where it will resurface as mulch in one of the town parks in the spring.

The Christmas gifts have settled into their new homes around the house.  The decorations are packed in the Rubbermaid bin and stashed under the stairs for another eleven months.

This morning I lit the three tea lights that haven’t burnt away to nothing in the nativity set.  No point wasting them – might just as well use them up before packing it away.

I gaze contemplatively at it.  A thought strikes me.  How ironic.  Each figure in the scene has a lit candle – the angel, the shepherds, the kings.  All of them except the figure of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

I wonder if that’s a telling reflection of my life.   When I pack up Christmas for the next eleven months, do I pack up Jesus?  Do I put out the light of Christ for the year, only conveniently pulling it out to be relit for one month at Christmas?

Did my priorities from 2012 reflect this?  Did I make Christ the center of my life, or did I choose to worship other things.  Other priorities…busyness, work, money…instead of Christ’s priorities…relationships, service, and community.

Jesus is the centre of the nativity scene.  Without him there wouldn’t be a nativity scene…no angels or shepherds or kings. 

It’s the start of a new year.  What does 2013 hold?  New beginnings, new commitments, new goals, new vision.  A year full of promise, not yet sullied with hardship or struggles.

I refuse to pack away Christ’s light just because Christmas is over.  In 2013 I want His light to burn brightly in my life.  I want it to shine through me, enabling me to love and serve others so they can see and share in Christ’s light.

What does 2013 hold for you?  Will you pack up Jesus when you pack up Christmas, or will you choose to keep His light burning strong in your life through this new year that’s about to start?

Please share your thoughts on how to keep Christ’s light burning throughout the year by clicking on “comments” below.

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