Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks on Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I’m overcome with a wonderful sense of lethargy as I revel in a turkey and pumpkin pie induced coma. I’ve overindulged this evening to the point of actual physical pain for a few hours after dinner. Everything was just so good!

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been eating restaurant food for the last three weeks while I travelled for work. Or perhaps it’s simply because I can think of very few foods I enjoy more than turkey. Whatever the case, I shamelessly filled my plate and then against my better judgment filled it again. As if that wasn’t enough I crammed in a monster piece of pumpkin pie smothered in whipped cream, followed by Earl Grey tea to wash it all down.

I know there’s more to Thanksgiving than just appreciating the finer things in life (like turkey) and there are so many things I'm thankful for this weekend.

1.       I’m thankful for finally coming home after three long hard weeks of being on the road, driving over 5000 km and living in hotel rooms and eating restaurant food.
2.      But, I'm thankful to have a job that enables me to have a home to come back to and one that will pay for my hotels and food when I travel away from home.
3.       I’m thankful for time this weekend with my husband to just enjoy being a couple. To take the time to finally hang pictures after being in the house for six months so it actually feels like a home.
4.       I’m thankful for the privilege of attending worship this weekend without fear or threats to my life; for the ability to sing praise and worship songs to God, to physically bask in His presence and feel His joy because I'm His child and He loves me regardless of all the mistakes I’ve made and all the mistakes I’m sure I will still make.
5.       I’m thankful to have a husband who understands, honours, and shares my faith.
6.       I’m thankful to have a husband who loves and honours me for the person I am, not the person I think he wants me to be.
7.       I’m thankful for the means to buy the food to serve family and friends a Thanksgiving dinner and for the day spent in the kitchen preparing, baking, cooking and cleaning.
8.       I’m thankful for each bite of food with its plethora of unique flavours – for the succulent turkey mixed with tart cranberry sauce, for sour pickles, for sweet and buttery yams, for crunchy potato casserole, for creamy meaty gravy, for spicy, savory stuffing, for the slightly acidic taste of asparagus and the exquisite explosion of wine on my taste buds as it washes it all down.
9.       I’m thankful for Gavison to calm the pain of overindulgence :)
10.   I’m thankful for the wonderful fall palate of oranges, reds, yellows and browns adorning the trees. And for the satisfying crunch of leaves under my feet that makes me laugh again like a carefree child.
11.   I’m thankful for a safe, warm, comfortable place to sleep.
12.   I’m thankful for the ability to read and write and for the courage God has given me to reach out and share my stories with those around me. I’m excited about the future and what He has in store for me and my family.

There are so many more things I could share, but I think you get the idea. I know I sometimes I complain and whine and go through life not appreciating opportunities that are mine each day. But in my heart I know and understand that I am truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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