Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Easiest Snack Mix Recipe...EVER!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a lady who is a woman after my own heart sharing my love of baking and experimenting with new recipes. She shared with me what I am convinced is the absolute, EASIEST recipe in the world for a snack mix!!! No baking required, 10 minutes start to finish and very little clean up required. Tastes great, easy to make, low stress, what else could you ask for in a Christmas snack recipe! The hardest part of this recipe is finding a large brown paper bag (yes this is part of the recipe)!  Check your local grocery store to see if they'll bag your groceries in paper rather than plastic. (If you're in Calgary check out the Calgary Co-op)  So here's the recipe...


1 box Crispix cereal (or Shreddies if you prefer)
1 box mini Ritz crackers
1 bag cheddar Fishie crackers
1 bag pretzel sticks
As many peanuts as you want...or none if you wish (I used almonds and macadamia nuts)
1 envelope Hidden Valley Ranch Original Dressing Mix (dry) - find it in the salad dressing aisle
1/2 cup vegetable oil (you can use a little less if you like)
2 - 3 tablespoons dill weed

There are no rules to this recipe - use any combination of ingredients you want in whatever combination you like.

Here's the fun part...put all the cereal, crackers, fishies, pretzels and nuts in a large brown paper bag. Pour oil, ranch dressing mix and dill weed directly into the bag. Close bag and shake for a few minutes (good way of taking out frustrations, too). 

You can store the snack mix at room temperature or if you want to keep it for a long period of time put it in a container in the freezer. It's just hard to not eat it all at once!!

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